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Peer Gynt’s return to Welshpool in April was a very happy occasion, for cast and audiences, which came in large numbers over three nights to see the first production which brought together both senior and intermediate groups. (An earlier youth theatre production of the play was staged in the later 1980s, before any of the 2010 cast were born.)This kind of large-scale ensemble work, spiced with strong individual performances, is what the youth theatre has become known for, and from the responses of audiences (both collectively and individually) it is clear that it is what they enjoy, and return regularly to see.

Production pictures can be seen on the Peer Gynt page and a review by Chris Kinsey can be found on the Powys Arts Forum website.

Not yet exhausted by their work on the major production, many members of the intermediate group joined some of the juniors for a “Play in a Weekend” in May. Working on the theme of “time”, they created a vivid and varied half-hour play, ending with an accomplished performance to a large audience of families and friends. Sorry – we didn’t take any pics of that – we were all much too busy!

Workshops for senior and junior groups finish at half-term, although the indominitable juniors (working with Penny Jones) will continue until the end of term, moving their meeting time to 5.00 on Wednesday nights.

And towards the end of term, and during the summer holidays, a select group of seniors will work with Ginny on a summer project (title still under wraps), which they hope to take on a short tour in early September. More details later.

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