Joining MYT

MYT is currently in its thirtieth year of operation, and we are still going strong, despite some severe financial cutbacks. We currently run three groups on a Wednesday evening.

Juniors are school years 5 and 6, and they are taught by Lucy French-Rogers who is a drama teacher at Welshpool High School. They meet from 5pm until 6.30pm and sometimes have the opportunity to go in to the Intermediates sessions to see what is going on and get to know each other.

Intermediates are school years 7, 8 and 9, and they meet on a Wednesday evening from 5pm until 6.45pm. They are taught by Penny Jones and sometimes get the opportunity to put on a major production of their own (see Arabian Nights) as well as being involved in lots of special projects.

The seniors are from school year 10 up to the age of 21 and are taught by both Penny and Lucy. We currently have members who have left school and gone on to college or local further education and there is always a place for these older members who pass down their invaluable experiences and inspire confidence in to those younger members of the group. They meet on a Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm and have the opportunity to be involved in many other activities, as well as their major production every Easter.

We currently have spaces in the Junior group. Spaces will probably be available in the intermediate group some time during the next few months. Seniors are unfortuntately very full at the moment, and if you wish to join the senior group you would be well advised to get your name onto the waiting list as soon as possible.

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