The Insect Play

The major production of 2016 will be The Insect Play by The Brothers Capek.  It will be held at Theatr Clera, Welshpool High School on Easter Saturday, 26th March at 7pm, and more details will be published nearer the time.  All of the seniors and some of the intermediates will be taking part and we will let you know when tickets become available.

The story tells of a tramp who falls asleep in the woods and dreams of observing a range of insects that stand in for various human characteristics in terms of their lifestyle and morality; the flighty, vain butterfly, the obsequious self-serving dung beetles, the ants whose increasingly mechanised behaviour leads to a militaristic society.  The piece as a whole is a comment on life in post-World War I Europe and will give the actors plenty of opportunity to increase and showcase their skills.

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