The Trouble with Joe

This year’s devised production, ‘The Trouble with Joe’ took place at Theatr Clera on Easter Saturday – 15th April.  Thanks to all of you who attended and supported us once again, and from the reaction and comments that we received we are pleased to say that it was a huge success.

Although at MYT we are well known for our ability to do comedy (if you have been to one of the murder mystery fundraising evening that we perform each July you will know all about this!), we are by no means a one-trick-pony, and this production set out to prove that.

We began in the second half of the Autumn term by discussing ideas from which we could devise a piece, and our starting place was the effect that modern day technologies and social media can affect a teenager’s perception of the world.  If a young person’s view of life is distorted, how do they then distinguish between what is real and what is imagination?

We ended up with a plot that told the story of Joe, a sixteen year old boy in crisis, who ends up in a mental institution.  His family life is chaos and he is fed up with listening to his parents verbally tear each other apart.  His mother is an alcoholic and his father an adulterer, he gets no solace from his siblings and is being bullied by a particularly nasty bunch of girls at school.

Having ended up in the hands of the police, he is eventually sectioned for his own safety, and is mentored by Richard, an ex-army medic who has served in Afghanistan, and in whom he feels he can confide and find peace within himself.  Whilst in the institution Joe becomes more and more confused and unable to tell what is real between his vivid dreams and real life, eventually finding out that Richard is not in fact a member of staff, but a patient with post traumatic stress disorder.

What ends up significantly more important than anything else is not so much what is real life, but the impact the confusion has had on Joe.

So congratulations to the senior group once again on a very fine piece of devising, and roll on the murder mystery!

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