Street Theatre

On Saturday 12th February Montgomeryshire Youth Theatre performed some of the scenes from their upcoming production of Constable Jones’ Journal as street theatre.

Constable Jones’ Journal is a play that has been devised and written by the Senior group of MYT, and tells broadly of local attitudes when The Montgomeryshire Constabulary was established in 1841. Constable Jones really did exist and had to tackle all types of crime – from a stolen boar to the body of the bargeman who was found dead in the lock at Crowther Hall in Pool Quay – and record his activities daily in a police journal. 
Some of the characters, places and events are taken from real life, but most of them have, for the sake of artistic licence, come straight from the imaginations of the actors and directors! These include a steamy affair between a cowman and a scullery maid, a public house full of bawdy drunkards, a scene of domestic violence and ……… a murder……!! But don’t let that fool you – the characters and situations are mainly humorous and entertaining.

Penny Jones, Director

Still quiet

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