Peer Gynt (April 2010)

2010′s major production was Ibsen’sPeer Gynt, a classic play which the youth theatre had staged many years before – before, in fact, any of this year’s cast was born!

For the first time, the intermediate group was also involved, playing villagers, wedding guests, small trolls, and Moroccan traders, as well as providing a stormy sea for a dramatic shipwreck.

This was a highly dramatic, large-scale production, with the leading role carried by four different actors, each representing an element of Peer’s complex character. There were strong performances all round, enhanced by the playing of original music composed by Iris Gordijn.

Large audiences enjoyed the production in Theatr Clera every night, and it has been reviewed by Chris Kinsey. Her reactions can be read on theĀ Powys Arts Forumwebsite.